The Ultimate Gift Guide: Mending Edition

The Ultimate Gift Guide: Mending Edition

Have you ever stepped foot in a yarn store looking for a gift and been completely overwhelmed? Don't worry, you are not alone. That's why we have curated some of the best gifts we have in-store for that yarn lover in your life. From fade sets to darning looms, there's bound to be something in this list that will catch your eye.

DIY Mending Tools

Us fibre folks are very proud of our handmade garments. So much so, that we wear them until they start falling apart. It's very common for the elbows of sweaters, and the toes and heels of socks to get holes, and it's easy to mend them when you have the right tools! 

The Good Grief Darning Loom

A darning loom that's the perfect darning assistant with it's 12 hooks and long darning needle. 

The Good Grief Darning Mushroom with Storage

This darning mushroom is great for holes in smaller places, as it will fit inside a sock or the sleeve of a sweater. It also has a removable top so you can store your darning needles inside. 

Wooden Darning Egg

The wooden darning mushroom is a classic tool for mending knitted garments. Its smooth, ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, allowing you to darn with precision and skill.

Reinforcement Thread

If you can't mend without a darning needle, then you certainly can't mend anything without the proper thread! 

Darning Needles

The ultimate mending essential. No crocheter or knitter can go without their darning needles.

Needle Storage

Those darning needles are just so darn small! It's not our fault they get lost all the time. Keep them safe with these adorable storage containers.

The Good Grief Wooden Darning Needle Storage Case

These wooden darning needle storage cases are both practical and elegant. Crafted from wood, they provide a stylish way to organize your darning needles while keeping them easily accessible for mending projects.

Muud Eva Leather Needle Storage Case

Eva by Muud is the epitome of sophistication and functionality in a leather sewing needle storage case. 

At Good Grief, our mission is to assist you in choosing the perfect gift for your crafty friends this holiday season. We put together this comprehensive guide with the utmost care and consideration so you don't have to think about it. Happy shopping!

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