Craft Credits: How Do They Work?

Craft Credits: How Do They Work?

Craft Credits

It is our pleasure to offer all of our loyal customers an epic rewards program. With every purchase, you will receive 1 craft credit for every $1 spent. Craft credits can then be used for discounts on future purchases. In order to participate in this program, simply sign up for a rewards account by clicking on the "Rewards" button in the bottom lefthand corner of our website

*Made purchases without creating a rewards account? Don't worry! As long as you use the same email address to create an account, that you used to make your purchases, your previous points will sync up!*

How Can I Get Points?


How Can I Spend Points?

All details can be found within your account when you sign in to your rewards account.  

Fine Print

Certain exclusions apply. Points cannot be redeemed for classes, workshops, local artisan items, Akara Yarns, or Skein or Shine Yarns.

Points must be used within 6 months.

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